Funk to Funky Perle de Tourbiere

KNPV PH I, Obj., IPO III, RH A + B, UV, SpH-1, Ohio PD cert, CGC,
NASAR K9 SAR TECH I - area, K9 SAR TECH II - tracking
CERF and DNA profiled

Funk is an incredible, hard working dedicated partner. Since obtaining Funk we have been through many long hard and rewarding training days. We have accomplished not only more titles together, but but a very special working partnership. He has excelled in his SAR career with several finds and law enforcement assists.

In June of 2006 our test certification under NASAR was upgraded to K9 ST I which puts us at one of 7 K9 / Handler teams in the US to achieve the ST I as of that date, and one of 3 in the Eastern US region. We are forever indebted to our trainer and mentor Art Wolff whose support, challenges, several "motivational" techniques and belief in us as a team has allowed to accomplish as much as we have. A huge thank you for the support from all of our SRT-A team members, and those who survived getting "Funked"!

Funky officially retired 04 July 2008, just shy of 12 years old. Retirement Notice

Because NC and especially Burke County, was such a large part of our support, I have posted the search briefings from years of WNCSAR exercises.

Funky possesses a truly majestic and commanding presence. He is almost always in "work" mode and wants to 'go do something'. He is social and a very stable clear headed dog.

He has produced puppies with extreme drives, environmentally and socially stable which are currently training in various diciplines including, police canine and narcotics, IPO, Belgin Ring, agility, and of course SAR.

Pictures immediately below and to the right were taken in the Netherlands.

Despite his accomplisments and mastery of so many disciplines, we still train all the time. Partially just because it is so much fun and he really enjoys it, but mainly because we are always finding new things to learn, and different scenarios to practice.

Funk's Pedigree
* Funk playing agility * Funk SAR training