Kira von Stahlrosenhof, PPD II


Kira is a beautiful solid Mal. She is a very serious working dog and is currently my personal protection dog. She has a fantastic attitude and with her intense ball drive is always willing and wanting to work. She has remarkable resiliance and endurance.

Kira is a very serious dog. Kira was not raised to be a family companion or pet. She was raised as my backup for a personal protection dog and has now taken Chatt's place after his retirement. She is very easy to work with, super fast and willing. She has no handler aggression issues.
She is not a social butterfly but is tolerably social in public. She has produced awesome, stable working puppies, with attitude.




Kira's Pedigree

Behind the name: Kira was named after the heroine in Aynn Rand's book "We the Living".