Love & Spirit Kyrana

Don du Bois des Trembles‘s  x  Gurza

 Спасибо Sergey Zhirkevich of Love & Spirit Kennel for allowing us to import this lovely girl!!!

Love & Spirit Kennel


DOB:  08.08.15
Color:  Red


Kyrana (Kirana) will be trained in explosives as well as our backup patrol tracking / trailing K-9, and will be my main search and rescue tracking / trailing K-9. She has a lot to learn, but we will have fun along the way! She is getiing used to country music, farm animals, and funny American words. :)
She has a lovely personality, very social, not dog aggressive, not phased by gunfire, is ball crazy and loves the tug. She also has plenty of  intensity for her bitework. She is however not very forgiving when I don't get my accent right!
Pictures of "Kira" in Moscow

Kira in Moscow
At home in TN!

kira on the rocks      in training    
Kira wait     kira hop