Our Puppies and More

Our puppies are very special to us. We take our puppy raising seriously and with great pride. The whole family participates in bringing up the puppies. They are handled from day one, and are exposed to various surfaces, toys, environments, noises and people throughout their development. They start traveling and attending training at 5 weeks old.

sitting puppy

We fully guarantee our puppies and want them to go to the best matched home possible. All puppies will be microchiped and vaccinated before they leave the kennel. Not every puppy is going to fit into every home or working situation as they all have different personalities just like potential owners. So, if we ask you to answer a million questions before considering your puppy, it is only so we can provide you with a suitable partner. Purchasing a puppy is a life commitment, and although we provide advice and support when you need help, the ultimate time and training dedication lies with new owners.

We also expect that you will have a million questions, some of which should be answered in these pages. We will of course try to answer the rest of them as best we can!

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puppy recall

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If you have any questions on future, current, or past litters, please contact us. You may also want to browse through the Puppy Information Package which gives information on what to expect from your puppy, training, and other useful info.

Enjoy the puppies!!!

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