Future Litter Plans


2017 "W" Litter

K-9 Stahlrosenhofs Trident of Dare, HRD III  x  Phox von Stahlrosenhof

We are anticipating very high drive, laser focused, intense puppies out of this combination. It is unlikely that puppies will be suitable for pet homes. Planned breeding May 2017

2017 "X" Litter

K-9 Qahtahna von Stahlrosenhof
Roane County S. O. Patrol K-9, NASAR Tracking / Trailing I, NASAR HRD III

Love & Spirit Kirana

Planned breeding Aug. / Sept. 2017

If you are considering a puppy from us, please READ the breed standard before makig a decision. Please consider very carefully how you want your adult dog to act and what your goals are for your dog.


Please email us with any questions you may have, we are always happy to discuss our dogs or the breed in general.